Monday, May 24, 2010

Playing with cotton

I have SO many things I need/want to do in the next few weeks. My mom's birthday is June 2nd and I have an idea for that. Fortunately it shouldn't take too long to make up. Liz's birthday is June 14th and I said I'd make her a shrug. I'm thinking of doing Maggie Wrap that I found on the Knitting Daily website. I have some cotton I bought from the dollar store last year that should work up well with it. The pattern isn't written, it's a chart only one which I've never that may be a bit of a challenge for me at first. We're also have a baby shower for Allison on June 13th. I'm going to give her one of the blankets I've made already. I'd like to get a light sweater, hat, bootie set made for her too. Right now I think Justcrochet's free sample pattern is going to be what I try out. I'd like to make it in lavendar (Allison's favorite color is purple) but I don't want to go out and buy new yarn. I already have a pink I can we'll see. I'm hoping the lavendar wins out in the end. lol

So with all these things on my mind/todo list in the next 3 weeks, what do I do? I break out a cake of rainbow cotton I got as a mill end package at AC Moore and I start crocheting a POTHOLDER! It's from Bev's Country Cottage website.


I started it about midnight and woke up midstitch at about 1:30 (not sure how long I'd been dozing). I started back up as soon as I got up this morning and had it done in no time...


I then decided to start a round ripple with it to see how the color pattern worked out. I wanted it to be drapey so decided to go with a larger hook and chose a "K" one.


After hitting round 6 I had run into and worked around too many mistakes so I stopped. I wasn't liking how it was working up anyways with the larger hook. I decided to restart it and chose an "I" hook instead. I think I'm liking it much better. I don't have a picture of the new one because my camera battery died. I'll try to get it up soon.

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