Thursday, May 20, 2010

Playing Catch-up

Wow! It's been a while since I've posted here. Even though I'm not posting it doesn't mean that I'm not crocheting. Now that Drew's wedding is over I'm hoping I can keep up here better.

I finished and blocked Allison's shawl with time to spare. She looked lovely in it if I do say so myself. Then again, she'd look lovely in a paper bag. :o) The shawl is Dot Matthew's Fancy Fans Stole. Using Bernat's baby sport yarn and a J hook.

My lovely new daughter-in-law

Best view of the shawl

I also managed to get the round ripple afghan done for my nephew Jeremy and his wife Klare. It's Lyn's round ripple pattern made with a G hook and Naturallycaron's Country and Spa. I didn't mean to use two different types of yarn. AC Moore had both types mixed together in their display area and by the time I noticed it (at the register), I was too burnt out to try and fix it. I don't think I could've gotten all the colors I wanted in one fiber anyways. (spa is a bamboo/acrylic mix, country is a merino wool/acrylic mix) So I'm crossing my fingers that the two different materials don't react differently to being washed. I used Biscuit and Jam's random stripe generator to work out the pattern with a tweaked in one or two spots.

klare's round ripple

On Tuesday I decided I needed to connect with my hook again. So I ventured into the garmet sector of crocheting. I've never done anything wearable except ponchos. With my granddaughter due in July I decided now was a good time to try it out. I went with Sue's no holes hexagon sweater. It was really easy and quick to work up. I made some modifications to it although now I think I have to revise them a bit. I was hoping to get a newborn size that wasn't baggy. There's nothing more pathetic then a newborn with clothes sagging off of them because they're too big. It's why I always like to have a preemie outfit for taking them home. (unless of course the baby is 10lbs like Luke was!). I think it's a bit too small though. It's perfect size for Danielle's baby doll!

hexagon sweater #1

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