Friday, February 26, 2010

Critiquing Myself

I know the creator is usually the hardest critic when it comes to a project. Well I'm no exception. Taking pictures for the last post left me feeling less then great about some projects. Mostly it's the Midnight Brites afghan squares. They are so messy and all different sizes! My stitch consistency has improved immensely since last summer. Part of me wants to start the project all over. Part of me doesn't want to waste all that work. But can I really give away something I'm not ok with? I could just throw together the squares I have and make something to use around here.

To a point it's happening to the Tree of Life afghan too. My front post stitches are getting consistent and better looking as I've gone on. That leaves me looking at the beginning of the afghan with distaste and having to prevent myself from ripping out what I've done already. :o)

I have to wonder if I'll ever be content with the quality of my work. Will I always find something wrong? That blaring mistake that only I can see? Or will I get experienced enough with practice to do the quality of work I want to hold myself to? I think that's one of the reasons why I haven't tried any wearable projects. I'm not confident enough in the quality of my work. Although with the grandbaby coming soon, the wearable category of crocheting is becoming more and more enticing. Guess that means I better get cranking out projects so I can practice.

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