Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm such a loser!

I have all the projects mentioned in the last post. So what do I do? I start another one! I decided to put away the Tree of Life afghan for a bit. Actually I decided the original one I started wasn't too bad after all and put them both away. I'm not sure I want to do that much work for a present for a couple that aren't that close to me (although I love them to death). So I decided to start an all white ripple blanket using this pattern and some Caron Simply Soft mill ends. The only modifications I'm making are that there are 10 stitches between mountains and valleys instead of 6. I'm also working in the BLO (back loops only) so it'll have a ridged design to it. I ended up starting it and Frogging it 3 times before I ok with it.


Yesterday I worked on a square of the Jackson square blanket but didn't finish it. I'm not sure why I get so far into a project and it loses it's favor with me. I know that if I'd just finish it, I could stop thinking about it. I have enough in life to think about without an UFO (unfinished object) niggling in the back of my head all the time.

LOL! I decided to take some pictures of my projects to liven this place up. I seem to have misplaced the baggie with the Jackson square squares in it. GRRRRR! Not finding the bag of squares led to a mild rant about my missing baby afghan book. Michelle mentioned her book pile by the toybox. I told her there weren't any books there, so she looked. I was right. That led me to wonder if maybe someone had taken the books into the library. Sure enough! There was a diaper box with books in them, including my baby afghan book! YIPEEE!!! I thumbed through book for a few minutes and then ventured into the kitchen. Next thing I knew I was cleaning spackling off the putty knife that the girls used yesterday. Before I knew it I was spackling the walls all around me. And here I am again an hour later with hardly any pictures taken. And I wonder why nothing ever gets done around here.

Back again, I decided to get the pictures done and in the process found the missing bag of squares! So I think I'll try to get some UFOs done this weekend. Then work on the white ripple. I may even get into my room to organize my stash. And if I really get industrious I may do some reclaiming the yarn from my piles of sweaters and such. I'm hoping my yarn winder speeds that process up.

Jackson Square Afghan - have completed... 8 purple (sc squares), 7 Turquoise (hdc squares), 4.5 Sunshine (sc,dc square). Need to finish... 7 magenta (dc squares), 1 Turquoise, 2.5 Sunshine.


Midnight Brites squares - I had them stacked neatly in a cool pattern but Sean came by and messed them up before I could take any pictures.
Completed... 44 yellow, 22 blue, 29 green, 2 magenta. Need to finish... 22 blue, 15 green, 42 magenta, 44 purple and 44 orange


Tree of Life Afghan...

Bernat Worsted Aran

Caron Pounder, off white

Both side by side

Ruffles all Around
Ruffles all around baby afghan

Sean had to get in on the picture taking action

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noelle said...

Love all the squares! I absolutely HATE weaving in ends so I avoid those kind of patterns. lol

I get into something and lose interest too. I think it's the big project thing. I have better luck finishing small things like hats and mittens.

Thanks for sharing your pictures!