Sunday, February 21, 2010

So what's on the hook right now?

I'm got the Jackson Square Blanket about 75% done. I have all the double crochet squares to do and one or two of the other stitches to do. I ran out of yarn when doing the last squares of some of the stitches. Looking at the squares sitting in the gallon baggie I realized...I made the blanket in Mardi Gras colors! Purple, gold, and turquoise. I'm hoping adding the magenta will change that perspective I have.

I've put it aside to work on the Ruffles All Around baby blanket. I have 70 of 73 rows done of the main body. I should be finishing the last 3 rows up tonight. One slight problem though...I can't find the book the pattern is in!!!! So that means I have no idea what to do next. I've looked and looked. I'm hoping I just didn't look well enough and it's not a case of someone threw it away in a mass cleaning fit. It's a $24 book that I bought with a 40% off coupon and the $25 gift card to AC Moore that Pat gave me for Christmas.

Next in line is the Tree of Life Afghan. It's to be a shower gift for a couple getting married in May. It can be a difficult project to work on here since you need to pay attention to your stitch count. There's not much time around here when I'm not multitasking while crocheting and stitch counting suffers when mutlitasking. I started the project with Bernat's Worsted Aran. Wasn't too pleased with the yellowness of the Aran. The yarn also wasn't looking quite like I thought it should. I debated on whether to FROG it (rip it it...ribbit..get it?) or not. Decided I was too far into it to waste all that time so kept it. Then I went to buy more of the yarn, since the 2 skeins I had wouldn't be enough. The store had the Bernat worsted, just not in Aran. GRRRR! So I put it up for a week or so to work on the two blankets above. Lo and Behold...AC Moore had Caron's one pounders for $5 this week! That clinched it. I was giving up on the Bernats and restarting with Caron's off white. I worked on it one day, got up to row 14 of the tree pattern and am liking it much better.

The last afghan is one I started quite a while ago. I pull out it every once in a while when I need something simple to do. It's based on the Midnight Brites afghan at Mary Maxim. I'd have to count the squares to figure out how far I am. I know I've done more then I actually own right now. I've found some laying amongst the dust bunnies (and fur balls) when sweeping. They were too far gone so I've thrown them away. Since I don't have a pattern for it, I've had to guess as to the hook size and such. I'm thinking now that I used a too small hook. I started making squares with an I hook but thought they looked too big. So moved down to a G hook. So it might be a bit more lapghan/baby size then bed size. I might try to do this with an I hook at a later time but will keep going with the G hook now.

I'm on the verge of trying to do a flannelghan. On Thursday I took Michelle to a store and ran into AC Moore to pass the time. With Caron pounders at only $5, it seemed like a good time to buy the yarn for it since it takes 5-7lbs. I filled the cart and then stook there looking at it and rationalizing. I rationalized my way into putting every skein back and walked out of there without spending a dime. I figured I had enough projects and my yarn stash is large enough for me to keep busy for a while.

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noelle said...

You are doing so much! Can't wait to see the FO's!