Wednesday, April 14, 2010

3rd skein

I"m technically into the 3rd one pounder skein of the wedding shower afghan. But with the first I did a bunch of false starts of the afghan so it wasn't really a full one. I thought I could call it done at the end of the 2nd skein. Then I threw it over me. It covered my feet and came to just under my breast...nope not big enough. I think it needs to cover me to my neck. I figure it should be big enough after 3 more repeats. I thought I'd get it done last night but I ended up going to bed with Sean. So tonight should be the night I finish it.

I went back to AC Moore today. I think the one pounder is too thick a yarn for Allison's shawl. So I decided to work with the Bernat Baby Sport that's on sale this week...$3.99 for a big ball (reg price is $9.99). I've also decided to try a different pattern.... The Fancy Fans Stole. I admit it, I love shells. I'm thinking it should be quick to work up so if I don't like it, I can try another one in the next few weeks. Hopefully though both Allison and I will like it.

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