Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Can I really pull it off?

Drew and Allison's wedding is set for May 15th. That gives us a little over 60 days to get everything accomplished. Allison is having a family friend make her wedding dress. They'll be meeting tonight to figure out which one it'll be. She'd like a strapless but isn't comfortable with it with her ample top. I suggested a shawl might be nice to cover her and she liked the idea. So I've been looking at shawl patterns lately. Yesterday I tried out this one. This morning I came across this one and I think I like it a lot better. So am thinking of trying a motif or two.

I got to thinking...Allison might want to ask her grandmother to make her shawl for her. Her grandmother has a lot more experience with crocheting and would probably do a much better job then I would. Besides, it might mean something extra special to come from her grandmother. Also I can think of a lot of other things I could/should be doing for the wedding. Of course if she wants me to make it, I will. Just thinking. I'll have to talk to her this week.

I'll probably try one or three shawls anyways since Liz has wanted a poncho since Christmas. I think a shawl is a much classier alternative. I'm sure she'll like either one.

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