Saturday, March 20, 2010

Playing around

Well I've done quite a few squares of teh lacy flower shawl. I think it's going to look nice. Now to just decide which yarn and what hook to use. I originally started with the Jamie baby yarn. I have at least 15 skeins of the white. I thought with the thread of sparkle it might look nice. Well whatever you gain with the sparkle is taken away with the feel of the stuff....UGH! I have no idea how anyone would allow that stuff to be used on a baby. It's some of the roughest yarn I've ever felt. Probaby why it's discontinued and at the dollar store.

I then moved onto the Caron's pound of love that I have. Much, much better. I started with a G hook and it looked ok. Then I moved up to an I hook like the pattern suggests. Definitely a lot softer and better drape but the square seem huge. I moved down to an H hook, just to see the difference. I haven't decided which I like, nor am I sold on this yarn.

The squares go really quick and it's a join as you go so there won't be any piecing in the end (YAY!!!). I'm making about 4 or 5 squares and then sewing in the ends. Any more then that and all the ends get tangled in my work. So once it's done, it should be done. I could see me taking a whole day and getting this problem. Last night I was thinking it might be cool to add in some squares of her wedding color/ But now I wonder. I'd also thought of doing the 1/2 motifs alone the ends, giving it a zigzag edge. I probably won't though.

I was thinking of trying to block the strips that I've already made. A) to get practice blocking as I've never done it before. B) to see the actual look of each hook size properly. Allowing me to judge which look would be best.

It's killing me not being able to take pictures! This place is boring without it...sorry!

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