Thursday, March 4, 2010

My shoulder is feeling it

I wound and wound yesterday. I have just about all the yarn I wanted to do, done. It's all in my bedroom, contained neatly in 3 plastic see through totes. I can see just about every skein of yarn I own by just looking at the container. I also have a cardboard box that's holding the large or full skeins that I didn't want to wind just yet. Oh and then there's my 3 drawer plastic dresser that's in the livingroom. It's holding my books, hook bag (pencil bag), UFO (unfinished objects) and the yarn for the projects that I'm currently working on. I've found a few stray skeins/balls here and there today, but I'm not sweating it. It's made me feel a bit more organized and wanting to do more projects and even get out my sewing machine. It's also pushing me to get my room in order so I put the totes away (need to clean out my closet first)

This morning I found a skein of yellow yarn sitting on the couch and couldn't figure out why I didn't put it away last night. When I picked it up I figured out why...there was a project attached to it still. It was a doll pillow that I'd started for the Christmas Bazaar to go with this blanket...


So I decided to stuff it and finish it. It's stitched in my no thinking, go to pattern of alternating rows of hdc and dc. Looking at it I figured the stuffing would show through the holes though so I decided to make a pillow insert of sc using red heart super saver in soft white. You can't see it and I didn't make it so you could remove it. I probably could've gotten by with putting the stuffing in a piece of pantyhose before inserting it in the original pillow...saving me an hour of crocheting. But I had fun and it was relaxing to just sit there and make it. I'm trying to decide how I want to edge it. After it's done I'll take a picture and share.

I'm hoping to work on the Ruffles afghan later tonight. It's getting to be one of those...I can't wait to get this done!!! projects.

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