Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My hook is on a short hiatus

That doesn't mean that I'm not doing anything with my yarn. I've been trying to get it under control. It has a way of working it's way into every part of the house. People are complaining. I don't blame them. Even I get mad when I'm walking out of my room and my feet become entangled in a mass of yarn. So I've been using my Christmas present and taming a bunch of skeins for the last few days. The sucky thing soon as I start eye and nose start going crazy. My eyes itch horribly and my nose starts running and eventually getting stuffed up. I took some Claratin yesterday and it did seem to diminish the nose running.

I'll be happy when it's all in order. I thought I was almost done until I turned around. I had forgotten about a whole tote of it! So I think I'll finish it up today. Then I can start to take care of some bags of unraveled sweaters. I'm trying to design myself a yarn swift out of K'nex. The swift itself is a no to keep it anchored is another matter. I'd also like to see how my yarn winder does with unraveling things. I'm thinking it could speed things along nicely.

I did end up adding a few more stitches onto the All around Ruffles afghan. Not enough to take another picture though. Well off to wreck havoc with my sinuses.

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